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Survivalist Bundle

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Survivalist multi-tools? Yes, please! With this bundle you’ll always be prepared.

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This bundle includes two of our most versatile multi-tools. Together they provide tools that would be useful in almost any situation you may find yourself in. Needing to build a shelter in the woods? Use the hatchet to cut down branches to make a lean-to. Built your lean-to and need a fire? Continue getting kindling with the hatchet and start a fire with the included fire starters. Got into a wreck and can’t get any of your doors open? Use the glass breaker to help save yourself. Lost and can’t find the rest of your group? Give a blow on our survival whistle and let everyone know where you are. Whatever your situation, we want to help you thrive, not just survive.

Finding yourself in needing more? Check out our Ultimate Survivalist Bundle!

Survivalist Bundle Includes:

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