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Mystery Box


What’s in the Box? We don’t even know until we put it together.

Our Mystery Box is the biggest steal of the great outdoors. Eyeing the titanium cups and spork, but hesitating on the price? What about the extremely handy Badger Claw folding shovel, or its partner in crime, the Beaver Tooth hatchet? Now’s your chance to scoop up an incredible deal on our most mysterious gift box ever, with perfect tools for every adventurer all packaged together in one amazing Mystery Box. Valued at $75+, the small mystery box is an assortment of mystery outdoor items that are now yours for the incredible price of only $50. The large mystery box is valued at $150+ and could be yours for only $100. Mystery accessories inside the box are subject to change and may include an assortment of items from the following options: a hammock, headlamp, cross bag, portable gas stove, titanium gear, or other outdoor gear from our shop.

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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in


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