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  • Sale! lil sloth hammock

    Lil’ Sloth – Kid’s Size Hammock

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    Perfect size hammock, with straps, for children, backpacking,  or camping under the stars.

  • Sale! momma sloth pouch hammock

    Momma Sloth – Single Size Hammock


    This hammock, with straps, is perfect for camping under the stars and having an easy spot to camp wherever you go.

  • Sale! poppa sloth hammock

    Poppa Sloth – Double Size Hammock


    Perfect hammock, with straps, for doubling up, camping under the stars, and having a spot to relax wherever you go.

  • Sale! sloth shade tarp

    Sloth Shade – Hammock Tarp

    Rated 0 out of 5

    Sloth Shade is great for when you need a bit of shade or extra wind protection while in your Sloth Pouch or any other hammock.

  • Sale! sloth straps

    Sloth Straps – 15 Loop, 10′ Long Hammock Straps

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    Perfect straps for setting up your hammock whenever and wherever you go!

  • Sale!

    Lil’ Sloth’s Pack

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    Every little camper needs a good hammock. This bundle includes everything to make the little squirt feel important on outdoor day trips.

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    Momma Sloth’s Pack

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    Momma’s backyard escape for when she just needs to rest and read a book.

  • Sale!

    Poppa Sloth’s Pack

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    The perfect afternoon nap solution.

  • Sale!

    Relaxation in a Bag

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    Just need some alone time? How ’bout enjoy it by yourself in the great outdoors, in a hammock, with the perfect cup of cocoa.

  • Sasquatch’s Perfect Outdoor Date Bundle

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    The perfect outdoor date package.