Meet The Team

We’re a small team of outdoor fanatics located in the heart of Utah. With the Wasatch Range and a plethora of national and state parks just around the corner, we know the outdoors because we live in them. We understand the call of adventure and we are dedicated to providing you with premium quality (yet affordable!) outdoor electronics and gear so that when adventure comes knocking, you’re ready to go.

mallard, duck, water bird


Chief Adventurer

(Electrical Engineer)

Likes Ducks

nature, roe deer, forest


Chief Troublemaker

(Mechanical Engineer)

Likes spying on wildlife

jumping spider, spider, insect


Chief Web Guy

(Web Designer)

Likes camping under the stars

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Chief Imaginator

(Content Strategist)

Likes wide open spaces

A Little Bit About Our Company

At QI Outdoor, we’re all about seeing the possibilities around us and working together as a team to make our dreams a reality. We believe in being honest with ourselves, our coworkers, and each and every one of you, our fellow adventurers. As we move forward to empower explorers everywhere with the outdoor electronics and gear they need, we do so with passion and hope that we are, in our own small way, changing the world to be a little bit brighter.

We’d love to connect with you on social media. We post regularly on Instagram (@QI_Outdoor), Facebook (@QIOutdoor), Pinterest (@QI_Outdoor), YouTube, and our blog. We would love to hear your stories as well!

Our shop is small for the time being, but keep checking back! We’re continuously adding new products.

Oh, and a little fun fact: QI—pronounced as the individual letters, Q and I—Outdoor actually has nothing specifically to do with wireless charging. Some of our products may involve wireless charging; however, the QI in our business name has much more to do with “quantum ingenuity” than “Qi wireless charging.”

Interested? View all our products!

The QI Trail Scale, Trail Cameras, Solar Packs, Lights, and more.